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school of athens 2

“The task of a ‘valuer’ … is an interesting one. Does he … ‘know the price of everything and the value of nothing’? Or does he have more discerning judgement than the rest of us? Or perhaps indeed his approval helps to set the value of a thing he is looking at.” -Nicholas Dent

“An unapparent connection is stronger than an apparent one.” -Hereclitus

Welcome to Fantasy Sophist! (You lucky dog you!)

Fantasy Sophist is a blog where Fantasy Football meets philosophy. While the fantasy game is decided on the field, a lot of what into what goes on the field is decided by data analysis and argumentation. This is a space where I want to put those arguments under the microscope in order to turn insight into points.

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Chris Morgan is the Fantasy Sophist. He has won no awards nor accolades. He has a BA in Literature and Philosophy with a background in Symbolic Logic and is surprisingly passionate about fantasy football.

Also, check out my work for FantasyPros covering the Houston Texans!



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